Michael Dumke

CEO Hermes OTTO International GmbH

Michael Dumke (Photo: Hermes)

Michael Dumke kicked off his professional career in 1984 working as a purchaser at the Otto Group where he held a number of positions over the ensuing years . In 1990, the Hamburg native joined Hermes-Otto International GmbH in Hong Kong, sourcing fashion items. His responsibilities here included driving the development of the Asian sourcing market, before in 2000 he changed locations and moved to H-OI Milan in 2000. For the next four years, as a member of the Executive Board, he was responsible for the clothing and consumer goods business unit. Subsequently, Michael Dumke again followed the call of Hong Kong, returning to take up a position on the Board at Eddie Bauer International and then at Lidl Hong Kong Ltd. Michael Dumke has been heading global operations at Hermes-Otto International GmbH since June 2011.

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